Step Up Yeg

No set location yet: Meetings at University of Alberta Rooms Edmonton AB T6G 2R3

We are a youth-led organization aimed to take action against racial injustices within our community and around the world.

What are our goals?
We educate others to spread awareness on racial justice issues concerning our society.
We want to be an inclusive space for learning, growing and working with diverse members of our community.
Empower our community to take action on racial justice issues

Our Mission
At Step Up Yeg our mission is to take action against racial injustices within our community and around the world with the power of education.
We do this through initiatives that:
Provide racial education for our community
Engage youth around the community in curating and presenting the information
Empower the Edmonton youth community to start their anti-racism journey.

Our Vision
An anti-racist society.

Founding of Step Up YEG
“Growing up as an immigrant, I was surprised by how much people didn’t know about other cultures and the issues faced by minority groups. I believe a lot of the discrimination I faced at a young age came from a lack of education. This encouraged me to create Step Up YEG to bring awareness and action to social justice issues faced by our community. I firmly believe that the youth in our community have the passion and strength to create an impact and bring change. I am beyond excited to bring our visions and plans to live and hopefully empower other youth as well.”
- Rovena Caster, Co-Founder

“Moving to Canada at thirteen created great challenges for me, especially trying to assimilate into the new ways of being. I tried hiding cultural aspects of my life like my food, my music, and even my accent just so I could appear normal. I spent years holding my head down and letting things slide because I was scared of everyone turning against me. But a lot of the people who were saying such hurtful things around me were honestly ignorant. Not caring about the meaning behind such words, or the position of privilege from which they spoke. Step Up truly believes that Education can be one of the key tools used to create a safer and more accepting world for POC, and that is what we intend to create. A society where POC won’t feel the need to leave their culture at home to blend in but to bring it to the forefront with pride and confidence!”
- Abigail Gallimore, Co-Founder

Current Volunteer Opportunities