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MIll Woods Presidents' Council

P.O. Box 42129 RPO Millbourne Edmonton AB T6K 4C4

Since 1983 the Mill Woods Presidents' Council (MWPC) has served as southeast Edmonton's area council, striving to realize a safe and supportive community to live, work and play.

The Council's mission is to identify opportunities for community improvement through a recurring forum that brings together leaders, stakeholders and elected officials; then champions solutions through partnerships and the collective effort of the community leagues of southeast Edmonton.

Comprised of the community leagues of southeast who are the Board of Directors, the MWPC has left a legacy of community enriching amenities and organizations that include the Mill Woods Farmers Market, Mill Woods Soccer Association and Mill Woods Hockey Association to name a few.

The most notable public activity of the MWPC is the Mill Woods Canada Day Celebration. A community tradition with humble roots introducing community newcomers to amenities and resources available at the Mill Woods Recreation Centre to today's event celebrating our rich Canadian heritage and the cultural and ethnic diversity of our community. In the past this event has been recognized as the largest volunteer run Canada Day event in Western Canada attended by 50,000+.

The MWPC, like it's member community leagues, is a volunteer run organization that relies on the generosity and civic mindedness of it's many highly engaged volunteers.

NEEDED! MILL WOODS CANADA DAY CELEBRATION VOLUNTEERS - see our website for opportunities and details