Alberta Government

7th Floor - 10405 Jasper Avenue Edmonton AB T5J 4R7

AlbertaCaresConnector is a collaboration between the Government of Alberta and VolunteerConnector. This collaboration results from a shared interest in strengthening the non-profit sector by enhancing volunteer recruitment. The AlbertaCaresConnector is a key step in reaching that goal.

The Ministry of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women (CMSW) works to support the development and sustainability of Alberta's creative and cultural industries, artists and arts community, recreation and sport, and non-profit / voluntary sector. The Ministry also works to increase gender equality and ensures gender and other identity factors are reflected in Alberta government policies, programs, and legislation.

CMSW and VolunteerConnector/Volunteer Cenre of Calgary have a mutual interest to continue to build the nonprofit sector, a key piece of this work is volunteer recruitment.