Canada Confesses

116 St. and 85 Ave. Edmonton AB T6G 2R3

👋🏽 Hi Volunteer Connector Community! We are Canada Confesses, a federally funded (under Canada Service Corps) hub where engaged Canadians collaborate on impactful projects. We empower marginalized populations to safely share their experiences with injustice while fostering sustainable action toward a more equitable future.

📚 We are creating a movement that makes Canadians aware of the issues present in our nation. We recognize that change can only come through a collective effort, and that's why we actively engage with diverse voices, perspectives, and experiences.

❤️ We are a grassroots youth-led project with over 40 volunteers who actively contribute to making Canada a better place.
We're looking for passionate people like you to join our team! Check out our open positions below and visit

Current Volunteer Opportunities