YouQuest Young Onset Dementia Association

SAIT Recreation: Wellness Centre Calgary AB T2M 0L4

Over 1,400 Calgarians under the age of 65 are living with young onset dementia resulting from many forms of degenerative brain disease. Typically, younger people with dementia are in otherwise good physical health and do not want to fall into the health system prematurely. They do need day-to-day help for unique needs to find a positive quality of life after diagnosis.

What is YouQuest?
YouQuest is Calgary's first community for people with young-onset dementia (under 65 years) and their families. Our purpose is to promote health and well-being by ensuring access to recreation therapy, counselling and peer support. YouQuest offers a place to belong, a reliable support network to families for full-day respite and caregiver peace of mind to maintain family responsibilities.