Veterans Association Foodbank

#10, 820 28th Street NE Calgary AB T2A 6K1

The Veterans Association Food Bank was created in August 2018, following the closure of the Royal Canadian Legion's Veteran food bank. The loss of this support system was felt by many in the Veteran community.The risk of hunger, homelessness and isolation was too great for those Veterans left without a support system.

Founding The Veterans Association Food Bank was the first step towards rectifying the closure of an essential service to Veterans and filling the gap.

Consulting with the Veteran community was integral to address all other challenges and gaps in support faced by Canadian Veterans. This became a pillar initiative within the Organization – Veterans Helping Veterans.

The initiative, Veterans Helping Veterans, helps develop programs best suited to the support of fellow Veterans and Veteran families.
We all want to get to a better place. A place of security, camaraderie, empathy and purpose – together.