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The Amelia Foundation

18 Mt Alberta Bay SE 18 Mt Alberta Bay SE Calgary AB T2Z 3N7

The Amelia Foundation was created to provide healthcare to the companion animals of people experiencing homelessness. It is estimated that a quarter of people experiencing homelessness have a companion animal, most commonly dogs. Studies that have looked at this relationship have determined that having a companion animal provides friendship and responsibility, and significantly contributes to emotional wellbeing. Since people experiencing homelessness treasure their companion animals, they tend to prioritize them, which can sometimes come at a cost. Most shelters do not allow non-human animals, so those experiencing homelessness alongside their companion animals spend more time outside living on the streets. As the companion animals and their humans spend so much time together, the animal becomes very attached. This makes it difficult to go to job interviews, go grocery shopping, visit rental apartments, etc. The Amelia Foundation believes that healthcare is best when it is holistic; we want to provide not only medical care to companion animals of those experiencing homelessness, but also act as a bridge between the people experiencing homelessness and their companion animals and all of the resources that have become barriers for them.

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