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Perlin Foundation for Wellbeing

1127 17 Avenue NW Suite 4 Calgary AB T2M 0P7

As part of a recovery strategy for Calgary, we’re presenting a town hall event in October or November 2020. It's meant to support the ecosystem serving mental health, mental wellness, and mental illness. We are connecting the community to showcase work, share knowledge.

The Perlin Foundation for Wellbeing began in 2018 (registered in 2019) with the aim of using art and culture to present education, blended with entertainment, to facilitate a deeper understanding of how our brain and body works together. Specifically around how we receive and process data via cognition and emotion, to generate a sense of wellbeing.

Stacey Perlin, as Executive Director, leads a group of working professionals, business owners, parents, and advocates, focused on developing and establishing an annual festival that celebrates mental health, mental wellness, and mental illness. While this goal is 3 5 years away, we have many strategic goals to accomplish along the way. The initial vehicle we’ve designed, the Bliss Project, is set to launch for August 2021.

We understand the value in healing, and that pain is inherent in our life experience. We work to further our understanding of energy, of emotion, and to improve the vocabulary around the human experience. We feel that there are gaps in representation, and that research and improved social collateral will help to address. Meeting these gaps will mean an improvement in how we communicate (or approach) social work and sciences, as well as medical science.