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Everyone comes to a point in their lives where things get tough. You feel like everyone except you is having a good time, and that life is going by too fast for you to keep up. With the stress of high school, university, family, extracurriculars, and the world in general, it's easy to get overwhelmed but so hard to find someone who can help you. Peerify youth is an up and coming organization that pairs you —the mentee— with a trusted individual —the mentor— to help you grow and to hopefully relieve some of your day to day stressors on a weekly basis.

We have a multitude of workshops and programs planned out to help youth who want more attention towards their emotional, academic, and relationship issues. We’ve got leadership opportunities, mentorship, and public speaking workshops and a bunch of other self-improvement based workshops. If any of this resonates with you, sign up in our link above to join meetings or check us out on social media.

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