LOUD Art Society

720, 5319 3ST SE Calgary AB T2H 1J7

LOUD Art Society (Let Optimism Unleash Dreams) is a Calgary based none for profit organization offering humanitarian artistic services. We have been operating since 2015. Our organization is honoured to enhance public mental health and well-being by providing a positive mental environment through our public Projects, Programs and Events. We specialize in offering a therapeutic art program with integration of Art-therapy and Mindfulness services.

LOUD Art Society is committed and dedicated in promoting positive psychology, art and creativity as a higher emotional intelligence education. We partner up with different communities, organizations and businesses to bring art where it is the most beneficial. We deliver our excellence through over 20 years of practice, talent, knowledge and research.

Our mission is:
To connect and engage families, at risk youth and vulnerable individuals with art and creative activities , art-therapists and artists to prevent and cure anxiety, depression, self-harm, PTSD, eating disorders and optimize mental, physical and emotional health.
Our goal is:
Exchanging traumas and negative habits with creating positive experiences. Healing, awareness, motivation, inspiration and empowerment of 100 lives a year with LOUD Art Society's creative projects and services.
Our belief is:
Creativity is the most significant characteristics of higher intelligence. Great societies are built upon empathetic, creative and passionate initiators therefore, together we create our ideal community as a large family.
Our Vision is:
To provide an easy and affordable access to art and practicing and form of creativity for maintaining a healthy lifestyle to as many communities as possible.

Current Volunteer Opportunities