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Knight's Cabin Medical Retreat

273, 1001 1 Street SE Calgary AB T2G 5G3

Knight’s Cabin was created to be a catalyst for positive health behavior change. We host weekend retreats where we teach patients the research-based information about health behaviors they can control—nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management. We integrate behavioral change research to improve their chance of success. This is done in a supportive community of other people with cancer.

We asked ourselves some key questions when Knight’s Cabin was founded: what if we offer health behavior education, AND use the research we already have on how to create health behavior changes that last to ensure survivors have the best possible outcomes, live life to the fullest, and keep them out of the hospital? Imagine the human and economic impact.

One of the biggest difference makers has been offering the patients the opportunity to bring a supporter with them, be it a spouse, a family member or a friend as cancer has a great impact on supporters as well. We offer continuous support for patients through online health behavior change groups.

Our retreats have helped survivors add life to days. We’ve heard at least one survivor say, “I thought it was going to be depressing hanging out with cancer patients, but I have never laughed so hard in my life.”

Attendees have set up walking groups, helping them to get off their antidepressants, started daily meditation practices enabling them to deal with the stress of treatment, prepared healthy meals empowering not only them but their families to eat well, and most importantly they report FEELING better.

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