Inflamed Brain Alliance

PO Box 71023 Silver Springs Calgary AB T3B 5K2

Inflamed Brain Alliance (IBA) is a volunteer-driven Canadian charity working to provide a resourceful and supportive community for those touched by PANS PANDAS and those supporting them. Through peer support, group therapy, education and research initiatives, IBA is committed to improving the health outcomes of children, youth, and adults affected by PANS PANDAS. Our participants will experience opportunities to learn and reclaim their lives as they connect with others on a similar journey.

Our vision:
Eliminate barriers for everyone with PANS PANDAS to end suffering and rebuild hope.

Our mission:
Bring together those within and beyond the PANS PANDAS community to improve health outcomes, deliver education and accelerate research to find a cure.

Our core values:
- we honor the well-being of everyone affected by PANS PANDAS
- we courageously create opportunities out of challenges
- out-of-the-box thinking
- we draw upon the wisdom of the community we serve
- we embrace multi-disciplinary and integrative medicine

Current Volunteer Opportunities