Golden Mti

N/A Calgary AB T2J 6V6

Golden Mti aims to reinforce identity and trust in BIPOC students within the city of Calgary by helping them reimagine and change perspectives about the power of education. Many students from BIPOC communities lack support and guidance in their journey through academia, which acts as a barrier in the pursuit of higher education. Golden Mti hopes to alleviate this barrier by exposing students to opportunities that aid in their academic development, in turn building new foundations of excellence.

To achieve this, Golden Mti aims to provide accessible educational resources to support BIPOC students within the Alberta school system. Golden Mti focuses on providing three main supports including tutoring, mentoring, and workshops. These programs and resources will be used to assist students in their academic performance, strengthen their confidence, and increase their network of influence which will contribute to their academic success. Golden Mti hopes to provide parents and students with enough information to make educational decisions.

Current Volunteer Opportunities