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Caring Callers

111 Tarawood Grove Calgary AB T3J 5A6

We are a small organization made of high school students in Calgary. We have lots of spare time and we want to make a positive impact with our time this summer so we wanted to create an organization to help with the mental health of Calgarians during these hard and lonely times. We are a very small organization but we are trying to do our part to get through this together. We want this service to be accessible for everyone so we can help you get through your isolation. Originally when coming up with this idea, we aimed at making this to bridge the connection between Calgary youth and seniors. Although we believed it would be beneficial to make the service accessible for all, even though seniors are the most isolated population during this pandemic, we wish not to let anyone who needs to hear a friendly voice fall through the cracks. In order to help those who want to talk with a caring voice, we take their phone numbers and names through our website and give them a call back once we have a team member available and we will simply talk about anything really. We can each learn about each other on a profound level through insightful calls where we each make a new friend!

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