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VP of Academic Innovation

The Canadian Institute of Stem Innovation/ Stemtopia  is looking for a dynamic and innovative individual to join our national team coordinating programs, building our network, and supporting advocacy activities in the development of national academic initiatives.

We are seeking a leader who will provide the vision and overall guidance for policy formulation, educational planning, and new STEM program development in an integrated academic and student services/student success setting in the capacity of a volunteer role of Vice President, Academic Innovation. 

The ideal candidate must excel at strategic innovation in STEM training and education, change leadership, partnership development, product development, and marketing. The VP will facilitate performance excellence with a dynamic team and add value to our programs as we scale our programs online and to new campuses.

The Canadian Institute of Stem Innovation program educates students from preschool to high school. Stem Innovation  specializes in an advanced, bar-none STEM-based educational curriculum that emphasizes the interconnected subject areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. Stemtopia  is a national STEM program open to all students with the mission to deliver top-notch STEM literacy and application. 

Key Responsibilities: 

Able to coordinate and multitask in multiple markets including existing and pilot projects.

Ability to work with internal and external teams to conceptualise, and execute forward-thinking curriculum, programming, partnerships and activities across multiple age groups.

Identify and create meaningful and innovative change within the education sector by way of STEM advancement

Provide strategic direction and leadership for curriculum design for online, hybrid and face-to face courses.

Provide strategic leadership for effective integration of technology into teaching practises and course design for STEM advancement

Develop and support faculty development opportunities

 Ability to address complex problems and provide thoughtful, pragmatic, and innovative solutions.

 Manage a team of Education Programmers to ensure the needs and vision of the organization is met.

Ability to develop innovative programming and strategies across Canada, catering to all socio-economic backgrounds in a culturally diverse setting




Significant experience working in a teaching and learning setting.

Minimum 4 years’ experience in any field related to educational leadership

Demonstrated commitment to the mission of the STEM community

Highly collaborative

Excellent leadership skills and a demonstrated ability to communicate with diverse stakeholders.

Excited to join a supportive and motivated team of change-makers with diverse perspectives

Applicants must have an understanding of charitable and not-for-profit organizations

Ability to attend weekly Zoom meetings 

Time Commitment:
3-4 hours a week 
Minimum 6 month term commitment
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Project Management
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