• Work remotely
  • Flexible in schedule
  • Good for families
  • Good for groups

Female Content Creator: Protecting Kids Online!! (+free YT channel w/ 6k+ subs)

We are DEFEND, a nonprofit looking to reduce risks for children and vulnerable people online.

We are building 65square, the world's healthiest social media platform. This will include Dating Square, a dating service for adults. Please Google: 65square to learn more.

We are looking for a steady female on-camera content creator who will create videos (we will edit and manage them) regularly, making videos on topics related to:
Online dating, online dating safety and safety for women online.

We may provide you with a writer who may supply some content but generally we are looking to make one 3-5 minute video weekly on this subject. We may possibly want to do a one-hour live stream once monthly on related subjects.

We have several Youtube channels (that have no content currently) which are being gifted to our organization. These channels have organic subscribers ranging from 6,000-11,000. If you fulfill one year (a weekly video and the occasional live stream) we will transfer (after that year) all ownership of the Youtube channel, to you for your personal brand. Any revenue generated in this first year from the Youtube channel will go to our nonprofit. After ownership is given to you (if you are successful), you will have full rights to monetize how you wish and will keep all monies.

Eventually, we may offer you a small stipend for producing content.

Interested? Send us a video of you telling us in 1-2 minutes, who you are and why this is the perfect fit for you. Or email your resume/CV to info@helpusdefend.com
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
A shiny new Youtube channel with an audience already baked in. Additional coaching in becoming a successful creator and support in creating content.
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule
  • Good for families
  • Good for groups