Reimagine Agriculture

170 Rusholme Rd Toronto ON M6H 2Y7

We founded Reimagine Agriculture because we saw the opportunity to address pressing agricultural issues like food waste and animal agriculture that are not currently being given enough attention in Canada. The farming sector is often overlooked in the critical and ongoing conversations surrounding waste and climate change. As agricultural waste and demand for meat, dairy, eggs and other products of animal agriculture continue to grow worldwide, their contributions to the already dire effects of climate change will worsen. Applying our expertise to these critically overlooked issues, Reimagine Agriculture is committed to reducing the negative impacts of these systems, building the changes in Canada that are needed throughout the world.

We accomplish these goals through the primary use of education through knowledge mobilization, building alliances, and policy change. This can be in the form of presentations to various age groups and organizations, national campaigns with democratic engagement, and working with related stakeholders. Our focus is on being effective, using evidence-based reasoning and meeting people where they are. Our team is a small group of dedicated individuals and friends who are working together to make strategic and operational decisions for Reimagine Agriculture. Learn more about us at

Current Volunteer Opportunities
Social Media Manager
Graphic Design / Marketing / Social Media / Writing
Reimagine Agriculture is looking for a new social media manager. In communication with other members of our team, they will create posts and manage our Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin social media a…
Social Media Content Creator
Graphic Design / Marketing / Social Media
Reimagine Agriculture is looking for a social media content creator. The content creator, in communication with other members of the marketing team, will be responsible for creating, reviewing, and e…
Speaking Engagement Coordinator
Advocacy / Community Outreach / Coordination / Environmental Advocate / Public Speaking / Research / Writing
Reimagine Agriculture is looking for a volunteer speaking engagement coordinator. This person would work to find different opportunities, coordinate with groups, support on content development and ed…
Policy Campaign Advocates
Advocacy / Agriculture Advising / Community Outreach / Environmental Advocate / Letter Writing / Research / Writing
Reimagine Agriculture is looking for interested advocates from across Canada to talk to their MP about cultivated meat and deliver our policy asks. About our cultivated meat campaign: Our policy …
High-School Teachers for Ongoing Consultation
Agriculture Advising / Consultant or Advisor / Environmental Advocate / Writing
We are hoping to connect with teachers at high schools from across Canada to help us assess and edit our work in knowledge mobilization so it can be best used by educators. The commitment would invol…