Activities involved
Graphic Design
  • Work remotely
  • Flexible in schedule
  • Good for youth
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Youth Volunteer - Video Creator

4-5 hours
1 year/ ongoing
Please note that Free Your Mind Initiative is a youth organization. Our volunteers are between 12 and 25 years of age. 

Recommended Skills:
- Familiarity with Adobe AE, PR, PS and/ or Harmony is a strong asset, but not a necessity.
- Ability to create original and eye-catching digital art. 
- Proficiency with basic animations and/ or editing stock footage. 
- Excellent time management.
- Proactive communication with team members. 
- Familiarity with and willingness to follow relevant copyright regulations. 

- Create short (3-6 minutes] videos for YouTube related to a mental health and youth related topic. This involves animation or stock footage creation/ compilation, video editing, and sound editing, as well as concept, scripts, and voice acting. . 
- Create short (10-30 seconds) clips for use on FYM social media in the form of Instagram Reels, TikToks, etc. in conjunction with the relevant FYM team. Similarly to YouTube video creation, this involves either animation or stock footage creation/ compilation, editing, and sound editing.
- Remain in close contact with the Director of Video Creation and respond to all messages within 48 hours. 
- Actively participate in biweekly team meetings, and attend bimonthly general FYM meetings.
- Proactively communicate any questions, concerns, or accommodation requests to the appropriate Free Your Mind personnel.
- Complete orientation sessions, basic mental health literacy training, and periodic workshops relevant to your role.

We will automatically reject direct applications through Volunteer Connector. 

Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
All volunteers are provided with verification of hours, and a letter of reference upon request from the relevant Director.
Activities involved
Graphic Design
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule
  • Good for youth