Skills required
Leading Project Management Strategic Planning Volunteer Engagement
  • Flexible in schedule


2 hours / weekly
Are you passionate about leadership and making a difference? Join us as a Volunteer Director at STEM Canada and play a crucial role in guiding our organization towards success.

STEM Montessori Academy of Canada (SMAC) is a regional STEM program open to all students with the mission to deliver top-notch STEM literacy and application. The STEM program l educates students from preschool to high school. SMAC specializes in an advanced, bar-none STEM-based educational curriculum that emphasizes the interconnected subject areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. 

Key Responsibilities:
•	Delivering and maintaining an understanding of the organization’s mission to all 
        new volunteers
•	Scheduling and conducting training sessions
•	Checking in and providing regular support to ensure new volunteers feel a part 
        of the team
•	Work alongside HR team to ensure all necessary paperwork is completed
•	Following procedure training manual to ensure all volunteers receive the same 
        level of training
•	Referring new recruits to other team members for their specialized needs
•	Able to work in a team environment
•	Experience with following and delivering a training program
•	Problem-solving and interpersonal skills
•	Excellent communication skills
•	Highly collaborative and mission-focused individual

With all hands and hearts on deck, we have the opportunity to make an even greater impact on our community than ever before. This STEM Innovation Program is not just about tasks - it's about commitment, dedication, and delivering results that will change lives. Together, we have the power to create positive change and leave a lasting legacy in our community. This is your chance to be part of something truly special and meaningful. Whether you're a seasoned volunteer or new to the team, we need your passion, skills, and enthusiasm to make this program a success.

*Please note, that you must be available for the next 3 months if you commit to a position listed above. 
All volunteers on board for this project must be available to attend weekly team meetings on any ONE of the following days:- 

Thursday evenings 8 pm Eastern - 40 - 60 minutes, OR
- Sunday evenings 8 pm Eastern - 40 - 60 minutes, OR
- Wednesday noon Eastern - 40 - 60 minutes

**Only ONE of these times listed above needs to work with your schedule.

We are strongly committed to equity and diversity within our community. We welcome and encourage applications from all religious backgrounds, persons of color, women, Indigenous/Aboriginal persons, persons with disabilities, and others who can contribute to the diversification of our community. Interested candidates are encouraged to submit a resume to

We thank you for your interest in this opportunity; however, only those candidates selected will be contacted.

Interested individuals should submit their resume for immediate consideration.
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
What’s in it for you?
•	Volunteer hours
•	Job reference letter (if required)
•	On-the-job training and experience in the field.
Skills required
Leading Project Management Strategic Planning Volunteer Engagement
  • Flexible in schedule