Activities involved
  • Work remotely
  • Flexible in schedule

Admissions Team Lead

2 hours / weekly
6 months term
Do you enjoy working with others and motivating them to do their best? Are you known for your positive energy and work ethic? You might be a great fit for our Admissions Team Leader role! This position is an opportunity to work closely with a team and grow your leadership skills. Being able to both lead constructively and be a trusted support are keys to success in this role. This is a remote/virtual volunteer position that requires a mandatory commitment of at least two hours per week.

Team Leader Responsibilities may include:
•	Assisting the Human Resources team and Admissions team with the 
•	coordination of the admissions process for potential students
•	Assisting with in-person and virtual open houses
•	providing program information to prospective students, their families, and professionals in the field
•	Ensure enrollment targets are met while collaborating with the admissions team.
•	Delegating tasks and responsibilities
•	Planning and distributing employee work schedules
•	Listening to and addressing employee concerns, forwarding to Team Manager as appropriate
•	Addressing any conflicts within the team that may arise
•	Increasing team motivation and sharing positive feedback and praise
•	Circulating company information and updates within the team
•	Holding team meetings and communicating their results to Team Manager
•	Providing training, feedback, and coaching
•	Ensuring a safe workplace for employees

Team Leader Qualifications:
•	Completed Post-Secondary study of business administration considered an asset but not required
•	High School Diploma or GED equivalent
•	Experience leading a team considered an asset
•	Excellent interpersonal communication skills
•	Team Leader Core Skills:
•	Teamwork
•	Interpersonal communication
•	Delegation
•	Mentoring
•	Problem-solving
•	Training
•	Deadlines
•	Motivation
•	Scheduling
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
Ability to assist a non-profit and impact the lives of children
Job reference letter  (if required)
On the job training and experience in the field
Networking opportunities
Volunteer hours certificate
Flexible remote schedule
Activities involved
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule