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  • Flexible in schedule
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[Virtual] Technology Team - Protecting Kids Online!

2-4 hours / weekly
3-6 months or longer
We are DEFEND. A 100% volunteer-run international organization aimed at reducing risk for children and vulnerable persons online. Please visit our website for more about us: HelpUsDefend.com - to APPLY: email your resume/CV/portfolio to: info@HelpUsDefend.com

Our Tech Team is developing interesting concepts from a new social media site to bots that can be used to protect kids online. Other interesting projects are being explored. 

There's currently one Tech Team lead and one graphic designer on the team and we're looking for one more Lead and several other supporting team members with a wide range of skills. Team Leads are responsible for the overall direction and goals of the team and addressing DEFEND's tech needs. This may include development of our website and working with our other teams for their needs. 

Leads will be responsible for running meetings, reporting to DEFEND on Team progress and working out issues. Supporting team members will fill various roles and will undertake specific tasks and perform research before producing results!

Some roles on this team may turn into paid positions with the development of our own social media site. 

Please EMAIL US from our website www.HelpUsDefend.com to arrange for sending your resume and an initial interview on Zoom!
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
Possibly a paid job eventually
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule
  • Good for groups