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[Virtual] App Development Project/Product Managers - Protecting Kids Online!

2-4 hours / weekly
3-6 months or longer
We are DEFEND. A 100% volunteer-run international organization aimed at reducing risk for children and vulnerable persons online. Please visit our website for more about us: HelpUsDefend.com - to APPLY: email your resume/CV/portfolio to: info@HelpUsDefend.com

There's currently 90+ skilled people from all over the world working on a major project called: 65square - a new social media app, DEFEND is developing. It will have age/identity verification for ALL!! A much healthier social media than what currently exists. 

Project and product managers will be responsible for overseeing team leads, working out issues for teams, working directly with developers and making choices to affect efficiency for all. 

Please EMAIL US your resume to start the intake process:  info@HelpUsDefend.com
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  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule
  • Good for groups