• Work remotely
  • Flexible in schedule
  • Good for groups

Do you know who MAPs are? Why you need to know - Protecting Kids Online!

2-4 hours / weekly
3-6 months or longer
We are DEFEND. A 100% volunteer-run international organization aimed at reducing risk for children and vulnerable persons online. Please visit our website for more about us: HelpUsDefend.com - to APPLY: email your resume/CV/portfolio to: info@HelpUsDefend.com

MAPs are Minor Attracted People and we are looking to offer them supports so that we can reduce risks for kids online. 

We are looking for a empathetic/dedicated team members who may have a background with mental health programs, or at the very least, has the ability to deal with sensitive societal issues. Duties may include: 
-Project development

2-4 hours per week is required, long term. 

Please EMAIL US your resume to start the intake process:  info@HelpUsDefend.com
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule
  • Good for groups