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Finance Director

The HOPE Initiative Foundation is a registered Canadian charity that increases student access to education and leadership opportunities. HOPE exists as a platform to inspire innovative solutions to broken systems. Whether providing short-term relief, or building long-term systems, we believe that the best answers are global in concept, local in execution, and limitless in their ability to create and inspire change. We have numerous university specific HOPE branches that focus on creating tangible change in the local area. We also host a program, called HOPE for Community, that was created to connect students with organizations who need enthusiastic volunteers.

We are currently hiring for the following position: 

Treasurer/Finance Director 
The treasurer is responsible for creating a yearly budget for all events, acting as a liaison between the HOPE president(s)/branch president(s) and all HOPEmembers. The treasurer is the signing authority for club deposits, reimbursements and finance related materials.

Main Responsibilities
-Liaison between the branch presidents and all HOPE members
-Responsible for attending any relevant finance workshops and updates and training by the university and student union
-Must create a yearly budget for all events and distribution of funds to be presented to the team
-Signing authority for club deposits, reimbursements, invoices, and finance related materials
-Must provide updates after each event about the distribution of funds and allocation of money for each event
-Responsible for providing a budget for each HOPE event and notifying the committee in charge
-Responsible for preparing finance documents, such as year-end budget balancing, as required by the university student union
-Responsible for managing all membership, internal, and external payments
-Management and safe-keeping of the HOPE cash box during all relevant HOPE events
-Must commit to timely deposit of funds after each HOPE event
-Responsible for the operations of Elections, including but not limited to responding to all emails or applicants, setting up documents and spreadsheets necessary for the election, and writing up the application forms
-Update HOPE members during general meetings on a Treasurer’s report including the HOPE account balance - must commit to weekly deliverables
-Respond to agenda and minute postings within two days

Time Commitment
-All-member HOPE general meetings - once per week
-Meetings with branch president, student union and the Finance Commission at your university as needed
-Social media responsibilities and Zoom meetings as needed
-Hours of commitment may vary but will be close to 10 hours per week

Additionally, we are looking to fill multiple remote opportunities in mentorship, finance, data analysis, human resources, marketing, volunteer coordination and more. Please reach out to us if this opportunity is not suited for you, as all our vacancies may not be posted here.

Please note that applications through this website are not monitored. For further questions, feel free to reach out to our HR Team at
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Activities involved
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule
  • Good for youth