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Aspen Family & Community Network Society

Aspen Family & Community Network Society is a bold, thoughtful and trusted innovator in tackling a wide range of social issues affecting individuals, families and communities. Our organization responds to community needs, offering supports and assistance to those in need, while advocating on behalf of thousands of single parents, new immigrants, Indigenous Peoples, children, youth and families in Calgary. Through 18 distinct programs, we help people move from vulnerability to stability, from poverty to economic and social resilience, and from isolation to active participation in their community.

How do we work? At Aspen, we walk alongside adults, youth and families on their journey to overcoming adversity and building a better future. We do this by:

• Recognizing each individual’s strengths, abilities and vulnerabilities
• Working collaboratively to identify resources and navigate complex systems
• Building capacity, community connections and natural supports
• Tracking progress, fostering accountability and celebrating success

In doing this work, we break barriers and break cycles, building stronger, more engaged individuals, families and communities.
Aspen’s mission is to partner with you to unlock potential and transform lives. Working with our partners from across sectors, we are building diverse, engaged and supportive communities, addressing social problems, transforming social systems, and helping create the conditions necessary for lasting change. We envision a world where all people have access to the opportunities, resources and supports needed to realize their potential, achieve their goals and build brighter futures.