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Residential Renovation Construction Manager

Position Activity: Construction, Organizing, Project Management

6-20 hours / Monthly
Varies, Calgary, AB, T2C 4P5 [Map]
Suitability: Adult
ARK is seeking a couple of Construction Managers to plan and execute renovations for families that have children with mobility challenges.  Often the cost of the required renovations are out of reach for families.   Responsibilities include:
-Participate on the selection committee to evaluate and rank nominations
-Develop a scope of work for the renovations incorporating accessibility requirements.  If appropriate, arrange a site visit with the clients Occupational Therapist to understand the clients challenges and needs. 
-Develop an execution strategy for each reno
-Develop a budget and get approval from the board to allocate funds
-Assist with selection and award of contracts.  Our execution strategy is to obtain donated materials and services for 50% of the value of the renovation.
-Assist with obtaining donated materials and services.
-Organize, execute and oversee all aspects of  the reno including quality control, schedule, cost control, design etc
-Prior to starting work meet with the recipient and go over the recipient info and renovation guidelines.  
-Ensure all permits are applied for and obtained (building permits, condo board approvals, etc)
-Ensure volunteer waivers are signed onsite
-Provide regular finance and progress reports to the board and the treasurer
-Develop tools and processes to manage the renos (eg prejob safety list, , tracking spreadsheets etc)
-Work with the blogger/photographer to capture the progress of the reno and ensure photographs are taken at key stages.
-Inform the communications lead on the completion date so media can be arranged and scheduled
-After each renovation evaluate what went well and what can be improved for future projects
-Ensure all documentation is filed 
-Uphold ARK Vision, Mission and Values 
-Adhere to Agency policies and procedures for client and volunteer confidentiality 
-Submit volunteer hours to Volunteer Director designate by the 3rd of each month for inclusion in monthly statistical reporting 
NOTE:  Some daytime availability is required as these renovations will take place over a couple of weeks during the day and some of the prep work will require daytime availability.