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Event logistic crew members

Position Activity: Event Helpers, Event Planning / Coordination, Event Ushering / Crowd Control, Fundraising, Marketing / Communications, Organizing

2-2 hours / Daily
3553 - 31 Street NW, Calgary, AB, Calgary, AB, T2L 2K7 [Map]
Suitability: Adult , Adult Group (Corporate / Employee), Adult Group (Non-corporate)
Work Re-Engagement Program is a non-profit initiative hosted by AWSN and Funded by Status of Women Canada (SWC) for the duration March 2015 –March 2018.

Our Mandates:
• Identify the barriers that female STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) trained professionals face when they re-enter the workforce after an extended leave.
• Establish leading practices for women in this demographic and the employers that want to re-engage them.
• Implement a pilot project with supportive corporate partners that are
motivated to incorporate these ‘leading practices’.
• Create a resource hub for STEM women, employers, associations and community organizations.

We are looking for dedicated and compassionate volunteers who believe in our mission to empower women in workplaces and help them better re-enter the workforce after an extended leave.  

On March 1, 2018 we will celebrate our efforts by setting up an event called "Speaker Series: Connecting Employers & Female STEM Professionals with Career Gaps".  At this event, we will wrap up our Phase III by showcasing female professionals in  STEM with gaps on their resume.  There will be a panel discussion focusing on their successful projects in the past and providing opportunity to network with employers.

In addition, AWSN Work Re-Engagement Program and Status of Women will recognize 5 companies that were able to implement the strategies in the guide we've developed to help them re-engage these females in their workplaces. We will also have speakers who successfully re-engaged female professionals in their workplaces.

•	Team player
•	Understands and believes in our vision and mission
•	Experience with using audio visual event equipment’s (preferred) 
•	Experience with event planning and management skills (preferred). 
•	Able to take directions 
•	Works well under pressure
•	Tactful
•	Handle tasks with minimal supervision
•	Excellent verbal communication and listening skills
•	Outgoing and can interact with guests effectively (very respectful of their needs)
•	Flexible with time schedules (able to meet once a week with the team and dedicate 2 hours per day/ 10 hours per week to tasks assigned).  Must be able to meet on Wednesday or Thursday nights between 4:30 – 7:00 pm once a week for team meetings. 
•	Compassionate
•	Experience with fundraising (preferred)

What you will receive:

•	Interacting with employers and expanding your network
•	Job reference and letters (upon request)
•	A gift card
•	Parking & transit reimbursements on the event day

How to apply:
Resume and a description of your interest is required. 
Please send documents by e-mail
No phone calls please!