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Board Fundraiser

Position Activity: Administration, Board Member, Fundraising, Grant Writing

6-20 hours / Flexible / Monthly
ongoing with a year long start
451 Northmount Dr. NW, Calgary, AB, T2K 3H8 [Map]
Suitability: Adult
The Calgary Neuropathy Association (CNA) is looking for a keen and committed volunteer for the board position of Fundraiser.  The Fundraiser is recruited through Propellus by a minimum of two elected officials currently on the CNA board, preferably the Treasurer and President or Vice President.  The fundraiser is required to commit to a minimum one year term, and is eligible for an unlimited number of additional consecutive one-year terms, or until a qualified successor is recruited and approved by the majority of the current board members.  

The CNA provides education and support to those living with neuropathy and chronic pain.  We provide an opportunity to have interactive discussions, and to learn about the condition and it’s management through our guest speakers and those that have learned over the years how to cope and manage their neuropathy symptoms.