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Free puppy love! Help raise a life-changing puppy with Alberta Guide Dog Services

Position Activity: Animal Care, Community Outreach, Education, Fundraising

24-24 hours / Daily
Between 12 - 18 months
N/A, Calgary, AB, N/A [Map]
Suitability: Adult , Family , Older Adult (55+)
Help raise a life-changing puppy! Join Alberta Guide Dog Services in our mission to provide independence for the visually impaired and safety and security for children with autism. 

This is a hands-on, 24-7 volunteer job with the puppy living at your home from about 8 weeks of age to 16 - 18 months of age. 

As a puppy raiser you'll get to:

- Volunteer from home - the puppy will live in your house and be part of your family while you're training it. 
- Take the puppy with you wherever you go - our puppies need to be exposed to as many people, places, and situations as possible.
- Participate in obedience classes and training sessions with other puppy raisers numerous times (3 -  7) per month. These are held during the day during the week. 
- Attend our special events - when you are available bring your pup to be the star attraction at various events throughout the year. These are usually evenings and weekends. 
- Learn from the best! No experience is necessary. Our staff will guide and support you through all aspects of the program. 
- Great social experience - have fun with other like-minded people, while potentially changing someone's life forever. 
- We cover the cost of dog food, vet care, and other basic necessities. 
- Puppies become available throughout the year.