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Position Activity: Committee Member, Grant Writing, Project Management, Research

3-4 hours / Flexible
Preferably 12 months or more
Calgary, AB: in person, by telephone or by tele-conferencing, Head office: 5250 Ferrier Street, Suite 801, Calgary, AB, T2H 0K9 [Map]
Suitability: Adult Group (Corporate / Employee), Adult Group (Non-corporate), Bilingual in Canada's Offical Languages (English and French), Person with Physical Disability, Virtual or Remote Volunteer
Buds in Bloom | Bourgeons en Éclat, non-profit children organization, is looking for a volunteer with competence in scientific research or research coordination to complement our Clinical Coordination team. Responsibilities include developing a robust, comprehensive list of support resources for children and families in Canada, including: diagnosis-specific resources, and more broad resources in early childhood, family health/wellness, education, sports/recreation programs, leisure/arts programs, nutrition, funding/financial sources to support specialized services, emergency preparedness, other community resources, to name a few options. From here, other opportunities to conduct retroactive, prospective and/or cross-sectional research projects, as well as grant writing may be assigned.

Requirements: Be a full or part time:

Professor or full professor (research professor, adjunct professor, professor emeritus; en français professeur(e) titulaire)
Associate professor (research associate professor, adjunct associate professor; en français professeur(e) agrégé(e))
Assistant professor (research assistant professor, adjunct assistant professor; en français professeur(e) adjoint(e))
Lecturer or instructor; en français conférencier ou responsable de cours.

The change you will bring with your volunteering is sooner rather than later relief, hope and empowerment to families living with a child who has a disability.

Time Commitment: One- to two-hour meetings are held in person and/ or by telephone or tele-conferencing on a weekly basis to begin, then as needed until the completion of the research project. Email communications in between meetings are also used as needed. So, the minimum time commitment is about 3 to 4 hours per week hours. Scheduling is flexible. A long term part time mandate is preferred, with potential for permanency and research stipend depending on performance, availability and needs. Letter of attestation of hours and of reference for promotion or the like available upon request, once performance can be evaluated and attested.

Please submit your resume with a brief statement of talent and contribution. A background check and references are required.