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AWSN CO-President

Position Activity: Organizing, Program Management / Development

5-10 hours / Weekly
3553 - 31 Street NW, Calgary, AB, Calgary, AB, T2L 2K7 [Map]
Suitability: Adult
The Alberta Women’s Science Network (AWSN) is a non-profit society that strives to increase diversity and create equal opportunity for individuals in the science, technology, engineering and mathematical fields (STEM). AWSN has three core pillars of activity through which we conduct our business:
(1)	Recruitment/Attraction – exposing youth (primarily girls and aboriginal youth) to careers in stem
(2)	Retention/Advancement – supporting individuals to remain in and advance in their chosen fields
(3)	Recognition – recognizing strong mentors and individuals making a difference in their fields
The Presidents Oversees three AWSN Committees: 
	Partnerships
	Nominations
	Advisory Board 
Responsibilities, Tasks, Activities: 
- Exercise a general supervision and control over the officers and business of the AWSN 
- Executive and Board of Directors Team Leadership
- Provides assistance and guidance to the other Executive Members 
- Helps to resolve conflicts should they arise
- Encourages Board members to participate in meetings and activities.
- Keeps the Board’s discussion on topic by summarizing issues.
- Keeps the Board’s activities focused on the organization’s mission 
- Assists other officers in arranging for and conducting meetings
- Orients Board Members and committee chairpersons to the Board.
- Recognizes Board Members’ contributions to the Board’s work
- Lead strategic planning and goal setting
In AWSN Meetings
- Presides at all Meetings of the AWSN 
- Draws up agendas for all Meetings of the AWSN Executive and Board
AWSN Employees
- Oversees the employee(s) of the AWSN
- Organizes weekly (approximately) management meetings with the Program Manager 
Legal and Financial
- Is a signing officer of the AWSN 
- Oversees the preparation of all submissions for funding 
- Works with Past President to ensure the board adheres to its bylaws
- Plays a leading role in supporting fundraising activities.
- be an executive contact for AWSN committees and be active as required
- Represent AWSN at other meetings and public engagements
- Works with the communications lead to promote AWSN’s purpose in the community and to the media.