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Board Members

Position Activity: Board Member, Legal Advising, Marketing / Communications

2-4 hours / Monthly
PO Box 78014, 383 Heritage Drive SE , Calgary, AB, T2H 2Y1 [Map]
Suitability: Adult
We are seeking board members who could help us in the following fields:
marketing for new members, and funding,
legal help and 
real estate (for contracts)

We are a Co-operative whose members include those who want to remain in their own homes and need some help to do that. We operate city-wide.   Members also include service providers and organizations or individuals that support the goals of the Co-operative.  A variety of services are available including a house cleaning service, yard work and landscaping, home maintenance both inside and outside, painting, flooring, junk removal, plumbing, carpentry, electrical and upgrades. Home-based personalised injury prevention training (PIPS) has recently been added to our services for those vulnerable to falling or other injury (currently being offered free to eligible group gatherings).  The Co-op also offers comprehensive support to members who want to develop a secondary suite in their existing homes for income generation including assisting with application process with the city, finding financing help, recruiting renters and managing the lease. As a member of the Co-op, each person has an equal say in how the Co-op works. We do for ourselves.