Activities involved
Project Management
  • Work remotely
  • Flexible in schedule
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Project Manager - Miska Inaugural Art Show

10-15 hours / monthly
Organization:  		Miska Creative Society
Project Name:  		Miska Inaugural Art Show
Location: 			Vancouver, BC
Application Deadline: 	February 26, 2024

Organization Mission
Our mission is to foster vibrant and healthy communities where art inspires individuals to unlock creative passion, connect with culture, find common ground, and realize their potential.

Project Summary
To create an art, music and fashion fundraising event that showcases the artwork created in the first year of Miska Creative Society’s workshops, as well as various mediums of art donations from our network and community, to attract new clients and build relationships with local school boards, nations, societies and businesses. 

Project Objectives
Fund raising
Building client relationships
Starting conversations with local nations
Community engagement
Gain corporate sponsorships.

Project Manager Role & Responsibilities
•	Lead the team to gather requirements. 
•	Create project plan including scope, budget, resource, timelines in cooperation with Miska Society team.
•	Confirm and monitor all roles & responsibilities, ensure timely decisions when required.
•	Coordinate all event activities.
•	Provide communication plan and advise on the selection of the right media to hold the event.
•	Monitor project progress and work to be completed with the project team on a regular basis. 
•	Provide leadership to manage issues and escalations.
•	Manage changes and provide mitigation plan. 
•	Ensure proper documentation is created and communicated.

Required Qualifications
	•	3-5 years project management experience is preferred
	•	Strong strategic planning skills
	•	Critical thinking and problem solving to establish priorities and strong attention to detail.
	•	Ability to set priorities and manage multiple activities in a changing environment.
	•	Strong oral and written communication skills, and the ability to converse with various stakeholders.
	•	Excellent decision-making and leadership capabilities.
	•	Adaptability and ability to work well with groups.
	•	Sufficient knowledge about using virtual team communication tools.
	•	Project management related certification (CAPM, PMP etc.) is an asset 
	•	Event planning experience is appreciated 
	•	Experience working with not-for-profit sector and volunteer project team members is desirable
	•	Experience working with first nations and indigenous communities
	•	Knowledge of grant application processes
	•	Canadian citizens or those with Permanent Resident status are preferred.

Estimated Time Commitment 
10-15 hours per month 

Start Date: 	March 1, 2024,				End Date: 	 June 30, 2024 

Project Deliverables
•	Art Show with 100+ attendees
•	Proper presentation of all artists’ works during the event 
•	A workable schedule for all Performances 
•	A register to collate attendee information and suggestions for future events 
•	An Elders Outreach program
•	Sponsors management and Grants submissions
•	Press and Documentation
•	Merchandising program including eligibility for merchandisers, product types, location etc.
Project Manager Deliverables
•	Develop Project Charter with objectives, scope, risks, constraints etc.
•	Detailed task breakdown with required resources
•	Produce and manage the project budget documentation.
•	Detailed schedule and project timeline
•	Develop a communication plan to reach the audience.
•	Produce Project Status reports of progress at agreed upon frequency.
•	Conduct/produce Close out & Lessons Learned documents. 

The PM volunteer will provide leadership to meet Client objectives. The PM volunteer will have end-to-end accountability on project deliverables, reporting to the President.

•	Client will provide a letter of recommendation to the PM volunteer at the successful conclusion of the project and serve as a reference if appropriate.
•	Invitation to Art Show, networking possibilities
•	Support an up-and-coming Indigenous organization that uses art as the vehicle to reconnect people with culture.
•	Contribute to the Indigenous community. By supporting Indigenous artists and businesses not only helps us thrive, but also promotes reconciliation by acknowledging the value of our culture and traditions.

Additional Notes
•	We may proceed with interviewing and engaging applicants before the application deadline.
•	We may consider a team approach of a senior/junior project manager. We encourage junior project managers who are interested in acquiring experience to apply. Any such arrangement will be contingent on agreement by the client and the applicants.
Activities involved
Project Management
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule