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Communications Leader

Organization Mission 

PMV is a unique initiative focusing on opportunities.  We create opportunities for non-profit and social-profit organizations to benefit from volunteer project management professionals; and we create opportunities for project managers to “give back” in the non-profit sector. We have been making a positive impact, one project at a time, for over a decade.  We are an incorporated nonprofit ourselves composed of almost 50 professional volunteers.

Position Description 

- Take a leadership position in overall communications, both internal and external, including refining our strategies and inspiring team members
- Become a key member of our leadership team
- Contribute to discussions at our Board level and Program Advisory Group

If you are passionate about communications, eager to expand your horizons, and interested in joining a volunteer team dedicated to doing good, we would love to meet you. 

Your Background: 

- You probably have senior level communications experience in a corporate, consulting or public sector role
- You may be actively working, semi-retired or retired
- You have been through a lot and have a clear sense of what works and what doesn’t
- You are passionate about “giving back” and rather than work with just one organization, you want to leverage your experience and expertise across a whole team to support many nonprofits
- Top notch communications skills are a given
- Ability to exercise sound judgment, think creatively, represent all of us at PMV and be welcoming to all 
- Ability to work independently, within a team, and collaborate with staff at all levels of the organization
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?

- Support nonprofit organizations to fulfill their missions and achieve more
- Be an integral part of a talented team that enjoys working together and has a lot of fun
- Give back, with a strong sense of purpose
- All privileges and benefits applicable to PMV Volunteers
- Depending upon your professional qualifications, a certain amount of volunteering hours may be applicable as PDUs
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