Activities involved
Skills required
Copy Writing
  • Work remotely
  • Flexible in schedule

📝 Blog and Newsletter Post Writer

1-3 hours
1-3 months based on project
🍒 Cherry on Tech is a volunteer-run organization whose mission is to support women, non-binary, and trans folks who are new to the tech world. We are dedicated to developing a community that empowers women, non-binary, and trans folks while promoting the power of being part of a tech squad.
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🧐 What we're looking for 
As a Blog and Newsletter Post Writer, you have the opportunity to shape the narrative of Cherry On Tech. You will be the storyteller of Cherry On Tech, crafting compelling blog posts and newsletters. Your words will resonate with our community, sharing valuable insights, updates, and success stories that reflect our mission and values.

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📋 Responsibilities 
- Write Engaging Content: Create captivating blog posts and newsletters that captivate and inform our community
- Contribute to Our Online Presence: Enhance our digital presence by consistently providing quality written content
- Share Success Stories: Spotlight and share success stories that inspire and celebrate achievements within our community
- Generate Ideas and Topics: Innovate and propose ideas for blog posts and newsletter topics to ensure fresh and relevant content
- Conduct Interviews: Interview co-founders, participants, and mentors to extract inspiring stories for blog posts or newsletter features

- Independent and creative, with the ability to express ideas through writing
- Strong writing skills with a keen eye for detail and storytelling
- Passionate about Cherry On Tech's mission to empower underrepresented genders in tech
- Belief in the power of storytelling to inspire and connect communities
- Ability to work asynchronously, ensuring flexibility in contributing to our narrative
- Maintain a communication style that is supportive, approachable, anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and inclusive

🗓️ Role Details 
- Time commitment based on project, no longer than 3 months
- 1-3 hours per week
- Every other week group check-in for ongoing support and collaboration
- Remote position
- Flexible volunteer schedule and hours
- This is an unpaid volunteer opportunity

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Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
⭐️ Why to Volunteer? 
Join us at CherryOnTech and be part of a passionate team dedicated to a common mission. Enhance your writing portfolio with impactful pieces while contributing to shaping our community's narrative. Receive recognition for your creative contributions to our cause and gain practical experience in program coordination. Develop organizational and collaboration skills in a supportive environment. Join us and make a difference!
Activities involved
Skills required
Copy Writing
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule