Activities involved
  • Work remotely
  • Flexible in schedule
  • Good for families
  • Good for youth
  • Accessible by public transit
New Listing

Multimedia Journalist Reporter

2-10 hours / weekly
Opportunity: Our biggest priority at Captain Scott Legacy Society is to generate and amplify positive narratives around volunteerism. Often, the media continually churns out stories that are the most sensational– capturing only the extreme elements of a community. CSLS aims to balance the media’s stories and provide more representative coverage of the community by curating and sharing stories of community builders and helpers. These stories aim to bring people together and inspire people into action, making light of the good people and their contributions among us. Volunteers fill in the gaps of our community that government services do not or can not; they bring about change, and so do their stories!

Job brief: We are looking for a talented multimedia journalist reporter to be a megaphone for volunteers who are working on the frontlines of a cause they are passionate about. This individual must love the power of storytelling and is skilled at how to tell positive, heartwarming stories that people care about. Stories can be told in a multi-media format and/or a traditional news format. They will be shared on all our organization’s public-facing platforms, including our social media, newsletters, and in-print materials. The goals of these stories are to engage with volunteers, recognize and validate them and the important work that they do, and to support local small-to-medium nonprofits with their volunteer recruitment and retention efforts.


- Pitch, prepare, write and/or produce creative volunteer stories in various media forms including traditional and modern formats
- Shoot and edit multi-media content focusing on volunteer stories and recognition, including videos
- Interview volunteers from various causes and non-profits, both local and national, to develop stories
- Network on behalf of the organization in order to find and develop more stories
- Liaise with various creative professionals including videographers, communication specialists, if available 


- Work or volunteer experience in the journalism industry and/or a strong interest to learn and participate in the sector
- Ability to deliver creative content through design (text, image and video)
- Excellent communication and interviewing skills
- Multitasking and analytical skills
- Must hold oneself to professional standards
- Interest in sourcing stories that are diverse and inclusive
- Commitment to continued learning
- A willingness to learn and receive support from a team
- Assets: Education in journalism, writing, and/or communications field, experience with SEO, passionate about social justice and influencing change through storytelling journalism

Commitment needed: Long-term weekly commitment 

Time length: Negotiable, but preferably 2-10 hours a week
Additional Details & Skills Required
Please email your resume with a brief, written introduction about who you are, why you are interested in this position, and what you hope to gain from this position to
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
Journalism students and recent graduates in the journalism field would be perfect for this portfolio-building opportunity. We can provide a reference letter if needed.
Activities involved
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule
  • Good for families
  • Good for youth
  • Accessible by public transit