Activities involved
Graphic Design Marketing Social Media
  • Resume
  • Work remotely
  • Flexible in schedule
New Listing

Social Media Content Creator

Reimagine Agriculture is looking for a social media content creator. The content creator, in communication with other members of the marketing team, will be responsible for creating, reviewing, and editing content for our Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn social media accounts. They will also sit on the committee of our marketing team and provide ideas to maintain consistency between marketing campaigns and content published.

- Collaborate with the marketing team to gain a better knowledge of short- and long-term marketing goals, and then create content to meet those goals.
- Creating content that will pique the interest of the audience
- Writing and reviewing content for social media pages
- Work with the marketing team to develop the organization's taglines, logo, and other promotional materials
- Maintain consistency in content and ensure that it is in line with the mission of the organization
- Provide ideas and is creative to bring Reimagine Agriculture’s messages to new audiences

About Reimagine Agriculture:
We founded Reimagine Agriculture because we saw the opportunity to address pressing agricultural issues like food waste and animal agriculture that are not currently being given enough attention in Canada. The farming sector is often overlooked in the critical and ongoing conversations surrounding waste and climate change. As agricultural waste and demand for meat, dairy, eggs and other products of animal agriculture continue to grow worldwide, their contributions to the already dire effects of climate change will worsen. Applying our expertise to these critically overlooked issues, Reimagine Agriculture is committed to reducing the negative impacts of these systems, building the changes in Canada that are needed throughout the world.

We accomplish these goals through the primary use of education through knowledge mobilization, building alliances, and policy change. This can be in the form of presentations to various age groups and organizations, national campaigns with democratic engagement, and working with related stakeholders. Our focus is on being dynamic, using evidence-based reasoning and being accessible to meeting people where they are. Our team is a small group of dedicated individuals and friends who are working together to make strategic and operational decisions for Reimagine Agriculture. Learn more about us at

What the commitment looks like:
- Regular bi-weekly meetings (every 2 weeks)
-Independent virtual work for roughly 3 hours per week

What we are looking for in you:
We are hoping to further develop our social media accounts to find volunteers, build collaborations, spread crucial food system knowledge, promote our work and solicit funding. 

It is important to us to have a volunteer who has a strong understanding of these agricultural issues and a passion to address them. Applicants should be open-minded and thoughtful. It is absolutely not necessary to be vegetarian or vegan for the position (and may even be an asset as that is the primary population we work with). 

To apply: 
Interested individuals can send an email to  with a few paragraphs explaining why they’re passionate about these agricultural issues, what they think they can bring to the position and an attached resume. 

Please answer the following questions in your email:
1. Why are you interested in volunteering for Reimagine Agriculture? What makes you interested in the organization?
2. What themes and messages do you think Reimagine Agriculture’s social media presence should focus on?

The deadline is MAY 21st, 2022
Activities involved
Graphic Design Marketing Social Media
  • Resume
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule