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Policy Campaign Advocates

Reimagine Agriculture is looking for interested advocates from across Canada to talk to their MP about cultivated meat and deliver our policy asks.

About our cultivated meat campaign:
Our policy campaign this year is centered around the promotion of clean meat. Also known as cellular agriculture or lab-grown meat, this new innovation provides a significant opportunity to address current inefficiencies and externalities of animal agriculture including ethical, environmental and human health costs. With the industry developing rapidly, Canada can ensure the necessary components are in place for the industry to flourish across our country. Our movement strives to provide it with the necessary funding, job training and regulation to give the industry the ability to succeed in Canada.
As this campaign is targeted at the federal level, we want advocates across the country to go to their MP to cover as many ridings as possible. This allows a clear and consistent message to be brought to parliament. With Canadians across the country interested in this innovation for environmental, human health, ethical and many other considerations, we demonstrate that this is a nonpartisan issue that has widespread support. Volunteers will be asked to attend two trainings, facilitate a meeting with their MP, and complete a short survey afterwards.

About Reimagine Agriculture:
Reimagine Agriculture was founded because we saw the opportunity to address pressing agricultural issues that are not currently being given enough attention in Canada. The farming sector is often overlooked in the critical and ongoing conversations surrounding waste and climate change. As agricultural waste and demand for meat, dairy, eggs and other products of animal agriculture continue to grow worldwide, their contributions to the already dire effects of climate change will worsen. Applying our expertise to these critically overlooked issues, Reimagine Agriculture is committed to reducing the negative impacts of these systems, building the changes in Canada that are needed throughout the world.

We accomplish these goals through the primary use of knowledge mobilization, building alliances, and policy change. This can be in the form of presentations to various age groups and organizations, national campaigns with democratic engagement, and working with related stakeholders. Our focus is on being effective, using evidence-based reasoning and meeting people where they are. Learn more about us at

What we are looking for in you:
We are excited to work with interested advocates from across Canada. Whether it’s individuals who are determined to address the environmental costs associated with animal agriculture or in the spread of clean meat as an innovation and opportunity for job growth, we are hoping to connect with passionate advocates who are interested in clean meat for all different reasons. Individuals with all different backgrounds and experiences could be right for this position. This could include knowledge of international development, health care, law, engineering, policy formation and many other related areas. Applicants should be open-minded and thoughtful. No experience talking to MPs is needed as we will provide a short training and orientation.

To Apply:
Interested individuals can send an email to  with a few paragraphs explaining why they’re passionate about these agricultural issues, what they think they can bring to the position and an attached resume. 

Please answer the following questions in your email: 
1. Why are you interested in volunteering for Reimagine Agriculture? What makes you interested in the organization?
2. Why are you interested in cultivated meat?

The deadline is MAY 21st, 2022
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