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Building Alliances Lead

Reimagine Agriculture is looking for a volunteer to serve as the lead for our building alliances pillar. They will work with us to continue to engage with organizations across sectors to build partnerships and collaborate in the learning process to tackle some of the biggest agricultural issues in Canada. 

About Reimagine Agriculture:
We founded Reimagine Agriculture because we saw the opportunity to address pressing agricultural issues that are not currently being given enough attention in Canada. The farming sector is often overlooked in the critical and ongoing conversations surrounding waste and climate change. As agricultural waste and demand for meat, dairy, eggs and other products of animal agriculture continue to grow worldwide, their contributions to the already dire effects of climate change will worsen. Applying our expertise to these critically overlooked issues, Reimagine Agriculture is committed to reducing the negative impacts of these systems, building the changes in Canada that are needed throughout the world.

We accomplish these goals through the primary use of education, building alliances with other organizations, and policy change. Our focus is on being effective, using evidence-based reasoning and meeting people where they are. Learn more about us at

What we are looking for in you:
Building Alliances works with organizations from many different sectors to include agriculture into their work. Many organizations that work in different global sectors including international development, economics, food security, environmental awareness, global health, etc. do not have the knowledge or resources to incorporate key agricultural facts into their work. We also work with groups closely aligned on our goals, including other non-profits and Universities, to share resources and collaborate to the betterment of the cause.

We need to hire an individual who has strong research skills, the ability to connect with many different kinds of people, and a strong ability to network and knowledge of organizations across Canada to develop partnerships.
It is important to us to have a volunteer who has a strong understanding of these agricultural issues and a passion to address them. Applicants should be open-minded and thoughtful. It is absolutely not necessary to be vegetarian or vegan for the position (and may even be an asset as that is the primary population we work with). 

To Apply:
Interested individuals can send an email to  with a few paragraphs explaining why they’re passionate about these agricultural issues including food waste and animal agriculture, and what they think they can bring to the position and an attached resume. 

Please answer the following questions in your email:
1. Why are you interested in volunteering for Reimagine Agriculture? What makes you interested in the organization?
2. What sort of connections do you think Reimagine Agriculture should focus on developing and why? How would you facilitate the process?

The deadline is MAY 21st, 2022
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