• Work remotely
  • Flexible in schedule
  • Good for families
  • Good for groups
  • Good for youth
COVID-19 Support

Outreach Coordinator at Beyond the Wards Canada **See Application Form in the description**

Beyond the Wards Canada (BTWC) is a youth-led, non-profit initiative that highlights the contributions of under-recognized essential workers. While we don’t want to take light away from medical workers who are tirelessly fighting COVID-19, it’s important for us to also look beyond the hospital wards and see the heroes that occupy our day-to-day lives too. These heroes include the people we rely on every day: community service and social workers, transportation workers, sanitation and custodial workers, postal service and delivery workers, teachers and childcare workers, food and agriculture workers, retail and manufacturing workers, and public health workers. During this pandemic, our goal is to provide essential workers with extra support through meaningful and uplifting messages of encouragement, kindness, and appreciation. These messages harness the evidence-based health benefits of kindness, which bolster both the mental and physical well-being of essential workers during this especially difficult time. Within 10 months, BTWC has recruited over 90 volunteers, received hundreds of message submissions, and connected with thousands of essential workers across Canada.

OUTREACH COORDINATOR General Responsibilities:
- Communicating (via email) with essential workers and essential companies, businesses, institutions, and organizations across Canada to deliver BTWC's uplifting message submissions
- Encourage your network and the public to create and submit messages to essential workers through the Submission Form on our website (https://www.beyondthewardsto.com/)
- Ideal candidate should be a strong writer, detail-oriented, and able to represent BTWC with professionalism
- Approximate time commitment: 2 hours per week

**Application form:
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
- Gain experience representing a professional non-profit organization
- Build management and organization skills with Gmail, Google Drive, Excel...etc
- Give back to the community remotely
- Volunteer hours and references provided upon request

  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule
  • Good for families
  • Good for groups
  • Good for youth