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COVID-19 Support

Community Correspondent (Please apply through Google Form in description)

Do you like connecting with and learning about people? Are you compassionate, curious, and community-driven? 

Our Mission: Beyond The Wards Canada is an initiative that aims to highlight the contributions of under-recognized frontline workers that have been largely left out by mainstream media. While we don’t want to take light away from the healthcare workers who are tirelessly fighting COVID-19, it’s important for us to look beyond the hospital wards and see the heroes that occupy our day-to-day lives too. During this challenging time, our goal is to provide everyday heroes with extra support through kind and uplifting messages of encouragement, love, and appreciation. These heroes include the people we rely on every day, such as transportation, sanitation, and postal workers.

We provide a platform where individuals can submit messages of gratitude through art, written notes, letters, and even performances. These messages are sent to the workers of their choice and shared across our media platforms. For more information about our cause and the list of different heroes we're supporting, visit our website: https://www.beyondthewardsto.com/. We’re have also launched our testimonial campaign, Stories Unmasked, which tells the stories of essential workers and the challenges they've faced throughout the pandemic, and we plan to launch an activism campaign by the end of the month.  

The Community Correspondent role is a wonderful opportunity to connect with under-recognized essential workers. This role involves reaching out to and interviewing everyday heroes in the following work sectors: community service, education, transportation, postal service and delivery, custodial and sanitation, food and agriculture, retail and manufacturing, and public health. You will be gathering testimonies from these individuals about any stories, insight, and/or experiences they’d like to share. Similar to “Humans of New York”, these stories will be shared to the public (on our website and social media) to spread awareness about the work of these everyday heroes and recognize them as extraordinary individuals.

Requirements: 1 Interview/Testimonial on a bi-weekly basis. 

Orientation & Get-to-know-you meeting mandatory if role is offered
Ready-to-post write up of interview (blog-style) 
 Attaching images/media to each interview (image/recording of interviewee or relevant images)

To apply, please fill out the Google Form: https://forms.gle/eyppDyG56nrBdVAG8

*If you have any issues with the form, please email us at beyondthewards.to@gmail.com
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
We're able to certify volunteer hours and can write letters of reference after a set amount of time. 

You also get the opportunity to contribute to a youth-led initiative that promotes the amazing work essential workers do, making a noticeable difference in their lives and helping them feel appreciated.
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule
  • Good for youth
  • Accessible by public transit