• Work remotely

Senior Discord Moderator

8-10 hours / weekly
3 months
We are looking for a Senior Discord moderator who is ready to help lead the IterateUX Discord community in conjunction with the Discord manager. The individual must have strong knowledge and experience in managing UX Design communities. The other important part is having strong experience in managing the Discord platform in which we host the IterateUX community.

•    Team Leadership: Overseeing and providing guidance to a team of moderators, cross-collaboration with other teams seeking for Discord requests, and ensuring that everyone knows their roles
•    UX Design help: Communicating with members in the IterateUX community on the areas of UX design that they need help with
•    Content Management: Monitoring and controlling the quality and appropriateness of content shared within the server
•    Mentoring and Training: Assist in onboarding and training new Discord moderators and volunteers in the IterateUX community
•    Creating Discord strategies: Assist in the development of Discord strategies for IterateUX Design challenges

•    Location Canada or USA
•    Minimum of 3 months commitment
•    Commit 10 hours per week
•    Discord experience of at least 1 year
•    Discord features, knowledge of Nitro Boosts
•    Creating channels, categories, permissions, forums, etc
•    Managing Mee6 bot
•    Experience in helping members out with Discord problems
•    Should have UX Design experience of at least 1 year
•    Should have at least 1 year of community forum experience
•    Excellent public speaking, team collaboration
•    Strong written communication

If you interested, please send your resume to email hr@interateux.com
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
If you are looking to gain international experience or interested in unleashing your potential in volunteering, we invite you to join our team.  Iterate UX community can help you in growing your network, provide orientation as an intern, and train you with good practices, the team will assist you in any problem and provide valuable feedback to improve your skill sets.
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