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Activities involved
Social Media
  • Resume
  • Work remotely
New Listing

Coordinators - Social Media

Unit 202 – 15388 24th Avenue, SURREY, BC, V4A 2J2 [map]
2-4 hours / weekly
We need volunteers with Social media expertise
Additional Details & Skills Required
Each volunteer will be responsible for one platform ie FB or Twitter
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
We offer exciting volunteer opportunity to change the world !!

Our center has recently released 3 documentary films

1) Everything is One - meant for Scientists & Technologists
2) The American Way. Connecting the dots... for eradicating global poverty

You will be reaching out to

(1) Leaders & lawmakers of poor & developing nation,
(2) Scientific & Technology institution/industries

The opportunity to interact with very influential & important personalities.
Activities involved
Social Media
  • Resume
  • Remote or online