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Box 287, Squamish BC, BC, V8B 0A3 [map]
6-12 hours / monthly
Treasurer—subject to the direction of the board, has general charge for the financial affairs of the SYSA
Duties & Responsibilities
*Maintain the bookkeeping system and accounting processes required to provide a detailed set of records on income and expenditure of SYSA
*Be responsible for all day-to-day bookkeeping and handling of accounts payable and account receivable issues
*Have custody of all funds, securities, financial records and tax documents of SYSA
*Establish an annual operating budget to present to the board for approval
*Publish a monthly and year-end financial statement
*Submit an annual report of finances to the Board
*File all reports to the appropriate government agency in a timely manner,
including, but not limited to yearly income tax returns
*Ensure SYSA maintains a non-profit tax status
*Pay bills that are within the approved limits of SYSA annual operating budget
*Maintain a bank account in SYSA name
*Be one of the three persons, together with the President, Vice President authorized to sign checks
Certification or Education Required
degree programs in finance, accounting, economics or business administration or years of experience in a related profession
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
The Board of Directors is a critical role in driving the direction of SYSA and supporting all of our programs.  Volunteering on a board gives you experience working as part of a team, working on tasks that highlight your strengths and shows involvement in your community.  SYSA is an integral part of the Squamish Community, involving up to 1000 children and youth in the world's number one team sport.
  • Interview
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule