This collection of resources have been compiled to help you get the most out of a volunteer experience by providing key information, setting out best practices and building understanding of how we can improve our ability to connect with our communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my organization have multiple logins or more than one person managing volunteers?

A: Yes! Add more team members in your dashboard. We recommend one login for each team member managing postings.

Q: We have many programs we are recruiting for, can I really post as many opportunities as I want?

A: Yes!

Q: Can I post in multiple regions?

A: Yes, volunteers will find your listings by the location you indicate on your volunteer posting.

Q: Is this this recruitment tool really free?

A: Sure is, it's part of our mandate as a Volunteer Centre.

Q: I'm in a new region, how will you attract volunteers?

A: We use a combination of advertisements and search engine optimization to attract volunteers.

Q: How will I know if my posting is reaching people?

A: You can check out the number of views in your dashboard.

Q: My volunteer posting isn't getting a lot of views! What can I do?

A: You can read our research below (in research) to see how your volunteer postings stack up against what volunteers are looking for. You can also take a look at other postings to get ideas of fun ways to present information that might make your posting more attractive to volunteers.

Q: Can I post for paid opportunities?

A: No

Q: Can I post on behalf of an organization that is a for-profit?

A: No


Volunteer Screening - looking to understand the things organizations will consider when thinking about who they need as part of their volunteer team. Check out the 10 Steps to Screening.

Police Information Check - some organizations require a Police Information Check as part of their screening process, this resource explains why that's important! Calgary Police Service also has a great video that walks you through their online process.

Corporate Engagement - are you and your team looking to volunteer? Managing a large group of people can be a challenge. Follow the steps in this document to ensure that your corporate engagement is a mutual successful for your team and the organization.

Volunteering on a Board - so you want to join a board? Well there is a number of resources available out there that you can review to start or help your journey to effectively serving on a board.

Bad Volunteer Experience - did you have a bad experience?  Please note that we do not investigate or intervene in individual situations, but this document outlines some broad steps you can take.

Newcomer Guide 1 and Newcomer Guide 2  - this is for you if you are new to Canada and if you work with new Canadians. Helpful resources that provide a great list of services available to make the transition easier.  


Feb 2020 - Representing Volunteers in Saskatchewan

Jul 2019 - Economic Value of Volunteering

May 2019 - What Volunteers are Interested in Doing?

Apr 2019 - Representing Volunteers in Alberta

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