Also required for this position: Must be over 18 to join!
  • Work remotely
  • Flexible in schedule
  • Good for groups
  • Good for youth

Community Rotaract Club of North Edmonton Board of Directors

The board of directors serves as the governing body of a Rotaract club and
includes the president, immediate past president, vice president, secretary,
treasurer, and any additional officers your club decides are needed. Officers’
duties and additional roles should be defined in your club bylaws. Advisers
should regularly attend board meetings to provide guidance. Sponsor club
members may also attend these meetings as observers. The board should
meet regularly and report any action taken at the next club meeting.
During its meetings, the board reviews and approves the club’s plans
and service projects, ensures the club’s financial solvency, and delegates responsibilities. At the end of the Rotary year, the board prepares a final
report that describes the major actions taken over the preceding 12 months.
A copy of the report should be sent to sponsor clubs, if applicable.
The district Rotaract committee is required to offer training for all
incoming Rotaract officers, directors, and committee chairs. We encourage
sponsor clubs to budget to help leaders attend all necessary training
meetings. The training can vary by district. Sometimes Rotaract leaders
participate alongside Rotarians at district Rotary officer training events, or
the district committee organizes a separate training event just for Rotaract

The president’s primary role is to lead the club and preside at all meetings
of the club and board of directors. The president also motivates, inspires,
and coaches club committees to ensure that the club’s professional and
leadership development activities and service projects are successful.
Suggested responsibilities:
• Conduct club meetings with detailed agendas that allow enough
time for reports from officers and committee members.
• Chair meetings of the board of directors.
• Appoint all standing and special committees, with board approval,
and serve as an ex officio member of all committees.
• Appoint committee chairs based on individuals’ experience, and
seek their opinions about committee members.
• Delegate responsibilities to help members develop their skills for
future club leadership roles.
• Encourage club members to get involved in projects that build on
their skills and interests.
• Ensure that club activities and service projects are successfully
promoted and executed.
• Support a membership strategy that encourages diversity.
• Communicate and collaborate with the adviser, sponsor club
members, and district Rotaract officers. In university-based clubs,
the president should also consult with the club’s faculty adviser.
• Resolve conflict among club members and ensure your club culture
and environment encourages diversity, equity, and inclusion, and is
free from any form of harassment.
• Update club and membership data every year by 30 June through
the Club Administration page on My Rotary.

The vice president’s primary role is to support the president. Some clubs
may choose to have the incoming president serve as vice president.
Suggested responsibilities:
• Preside over meetings in the president’s absence.
• Serve on the board of directors and as an ex officio member of all
• Handle special assignments as directed by the president.
• Stay current on club goals and activities.
• Succeed to the office of president if a vacancy occurs.

The secretary’s primary responsibility is to help the club function
efficiently. The secretary should be well organized and have good
communication skills.
Suggested responsibilities:
• Maintain all club records, including membership, committee
appointments, attendance, dues payments, and important club
documents such as the club’s certificate of organization, budgets,
and reports.
• Notify the district leaders of members who are interested in
joining a Rotary club, either as a current Rotaractor or after leaving
• Provide club and member information to the president for required
annual updates to Rotary.
• Take minutes — a clear, concise written record of meeting
discussion and actions — at all club meetings.

The treasurer oversees all funds and maintains accurate financial records,
ensures transparency in financial operations, and responds to inquiries
from club members and sponsor clubs, if applicable. The treasurer should
be a responsible, detail-oriented person.
Suggested responsibilities:
• Chair the finance committee.
• Collect membership dues.
• Manage all money collected from dues and all proceeds from
fundraising projects.
• Pay all club bills and reimbursements for club expenses.
• Prepare and administer the budget.
• Prepare monthly reports that accurately detail the club’s finances
and expenses.
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
Gain volunteer hours and connect with your community through positive service.
Also required for this position: Must be over 18 to join!
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule
  • Good for groups
  • Good for youth