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Junior Coach Leader (online)

/ weekly
Start2Finish Coaches have a significant role to encourage students on a weekly basis for positive change physically, mentally, and emotionally through fitness and literacy. Coaches help to build confidence and motivate students to achieve success, stay in school, and build lasting friendships with peers and mentors.

The Junior Coach Leadership Development Program (JCP) is designed for youth in grades 7 & 8. These youth, especially those from marginalized communities, face significant challenges during the middle school "transition years", leading to higher dropout rates. The JCP addresses these challenges by providing training and mentoring for youth entering high school, as well as the opportunity for them to develop leadership skills and “give back” by volunteering as Junior Coaches in our other programs.

- 1 hour sessions 1x/week after-school, Mondays 4:30-5:30pm EST
- January to May
- Sessions include fitness, literacy & mentoring activities, with emphasis on helping students develop leadership skills
- An easy-to-use virtual platform to facilitate programming
- Take attendance and follow up with team lead weekly

If you are interested, please apply on our volunteer portal:
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
Why volunteer?
- Make a difference & give back in your local community during challenging times
- Develop new skills
- Gain a rewarding experience
- Complete placement or volunteer hours
- Gain relevant work experience 
- Have fun!
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