January 6, 2022

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About the VolunteerConnector

COVID-19 Volunteering

So you need volunteers or want to volunteer and yet social distancing is still the key message right now. You want to support community health while still staying connected to your current volunteers. You even want to connect to new individuals and families looking for activities at home.

For up to date health information on COVID-19 please visit the Government of Canada - Public Health

For up to date resources on COVID-19 volunteering please visit Volunteer Canada

For Volunteers

Also consider ...

  • Donating blood.
  • Collecting food donations from doorsteps and delivering them to food banks.
  • Coordinating a virtual book reading, exercise or entertainment hour for children (to help out parents who may not have childcare).
  • Taking part in digital support groups for causes that matter to you.
  • Joining an adopt-a-senior Facebook group.
  • Supporting small businesses in your community (if you can).
  • Checking on elderly neighbors and offering to run errands or grab groceries.

For Organizations

Consider creating some virtual volunteering opportunities like:

Writing and editing

  • Digital content editor
  • Social media content for upcoming event
  • Create course content for new trainings


  • Translating content from English to _____?


  • Analysis of legal frameworks
  • Research donor engagement opportunities
  • Review and summarize key government reports/positions
  • Develop reference material

Project Development

  • Project proposal writing
  • Support migration to a new website
  • Manage a website functionality
  • Manage social media posting and response
  • Create project management plan for new service  

Technology & Design

  • Create videos/screencasts
  • Develop some data visualization tools/ppts

Please be patient with each other!

Please be patient at this time as people adjust to working from home and figuring out ways to support our neighbours, response times might be a little slower than normal.


January 6, 2022

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