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Volunteer Fundraiser, Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration

8-16 hours / monthly
Year long and preferably ongoing
Are you a retired professional fund-raiser, successfully raising tens of thousands of dollars for an Non-Government Organization. Are willing to offer knowledge and experience in a voluntary capacity to raise funds.  Interested in volunteering with an international organization? You want to make a difference in palliative cancer care/end of life care in South Asia.

Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration Foundation (TWCC), also known as INCTR Canada, is a not-for-profit, non-governmental charity with a mission to increase the survival rates and improve the quality of life in patients with cancer in Asian countries.  Currently patients do not receive the benefits of recent advances in cancer management in many of these countries.  We believe by improving infrastructure and building the capacity for high quality cancer treatment and research, that can change.  Through collaborations with medical institutions, qualified physicians and investigators, and other charitable bodies in developing countries, and by including clinical trials and laboratory research associated with training and educational programs, the cancer care in developing countries will improve. Alliances between cancer centers and hospitals within and between countries will ensure that available expertise in resource-poor countries is maximally used. 

The goal of TWCC is to further the development of cancer control and health systems in lesser developed countries by obtaining funding from individuals and organisationsfoundations to provide monies for professional development, acquisition of skills, technical training, quality improvement and program development.

The Fundraising volunteer works with over 20 other TWCC volunteers and primarily three  volunteers with extensive fundraising knowledge/ experience  and communications skills and two part time-staff with fundraising expertise and one with a willingness to support efforts.  TWCC has developed video’s, letters of intent and a case for support to facilitate fund raising efforts. The responsibilities of the role are to:

Search for foundations to which applications could be made for financial support to fund TWCC programs in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh
Provide advice and contribute to the expansion of the TWCC donor base and potential platforms to further this objective
Key attributes for this role are:

Achieves personal satisfaction from volunteering to further TWCC vision and mission.
Assisting individuals from lesser resources countries achieve their ambitions.
Ability to work independently and manage one’s time in one’s preferred location.
Proficient computer skills, particularity web browsing
Patience when working with individuals who first language is not English
The volunteer will be provided with orientation to TWCC and ongoing mentorship

Further information about TWCC is available from its web site: www.twoworldscancer.ca, or from TWCC staff (see web site for contact information).  Interested individuals are asked to complete the volunteer application form located within the website.
Certification or Education Required
CFRE or equivalent skills and knowledge as a professional fundraiser
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
Working alongside over over twenty-five volunteer professionals (physicans, nurses, photographers, journalists and researchers) you will achieve personal satisfaction from volunteering to further TWCC vision and mission.

Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration celebrated it's 10 year anniversary in 2020.  In the preceeding decade more healthcare providers have been trained to see and support an over 100% increase in pateints; and a ten fold increase in programs to support patients.
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