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Director of Dining for Humanity - Volunteer Position

Who we are:
 Help Heal Humanity (HHH) is an international (Canada and USA) non-profit organization with a mandate to provide education and nourishment to some of the most “at risk” youth and children on our planet today.  Specifically, we have focused our efforts in Canaan and Citi Soleil - Haiti, where over 4.5 million people go without electricity, running water, food, resources and absolutely no form of government support. HHH achieves its goals in part through the creation and implementation of a number of fundraising events including our annual Local Dinner Parties and Global Dining for Humanity Events, Art and Music for Humanity, Travel for Humanity, Yoga and Fitness for Humanity, as well as by partnering with other organizations to grow our awareness and purpose on the planet. Thus far, we have successfully built a school in Canaan Haiti that educates and empowers 121 primary students per day.  Today we are looking for our newest director who will play the primary role in helping us establish our dining for humanity charitable goals.  Do you have what it takes to help us reach our next charitable goals?  

Position Overview:
Our dining for humanity planner will be responsible for structuring all Help Heal Humanities dining and entertainment events. They will coordinate all the moving parts and ensures everyone has a great time at the event. The dining for humanity director will coordinate everything involved in making sure these events go smoothly, including choosing locations, hiring caterers, entertainment, and other vendors.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Meets with HHH Board Members to determine and gain an understanding of the event's purpose and goals.
Outline the scope of the event, including time, date, location, and budget.
Scout and inspect event venues.
Work with vendors to get bids and determine best fits for the budget and goals of the event.
Negotiate and manage vendor contracts.
Coordinate event logistics and services, including technology and equipment needed to run the event, food, drinks, transportation, lodging, and more.
Manage the budget and ensure the event stays within guidelines; ensure vendors are paid. 
Develop Scalable Model to secure Dining Experiences.
Curate Program Itineraries.
Source Restaurants & Hospitality Groups to Pitch.
Research B2C & B2B Pitching Opportunities: Individual vs. philanthropic impact branding.
Build Pitch Deck to share with targets.
Vet Opportunities: Virtual vs. In person events Consideration.

Skills & Competencies:
In addition to an understanding of hospitality management from a business aspect, you should also have well-developed soft skills, such as the following:

Communication skills: Excellent listening, speaking, and writing skills will facilitate your ability to communicate with vendors, event attendees, and staff.
Attention to detail: Your ability to notice the most minute details of an event, from the typeface on the invitations to the kind of salad that will be served at the reception, is essential.
Coordination: You must be able to work alongside other people and adjust your actions to theirs.
Problem-solving: You must be able to adapt at not only solving problems but maintaining your composure when doing so.
Interpersonal skills: The ability to establishing and maintain relationships with vendors is essential and will make your life easier when it is time to plan future events.
The director of Dining will travel regularly to event sites and venues in the time leading up to the events and during the events themselves. The work can be fast-paced and demanding since the director must coordinate several aspects of an event at once.

Time commitment: Eight to Twelve hours monthly on average, this may vary with activity planned meetings, preparation, and events.
If you are interested in volunteering for the Director of Dining for Humanity position and possess the skills and availability, please email your cover letter and resume to
Activities involved
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